By Jerry Igbugh


Fr. Alia - Benue State Governor
In a welcome development, the Benue state government, under the leadership of Governor Hyacinth Alia, has fulfilled its promise to pay civil servants their long-overdue salaries. The workers received their salaries for the month of May on Sunday, marking the first payment they have received in seven months.

Tersoo Kula, the chief press secretary to the governor, confirmed the news and assured the workers that their June salaries would also be paid in the near future. He acknowledged the financial burden faced by the civil servants due to the unpaid salaries, emphasizing that the current administration recognizes their hard work and dedication.

The previous administration had left a significant backlog of unpaid salaries, creating a dire situation for the state's civil servants who had not received any salary payments throughout the year. Governor Alia, however, decided to prioritize the welfare of the workers by addressing the outstanding salary issue.

Although the payment of June salaries is still pending, the government has expressed its commitment to resolving the salary arrears. Once the salaries for June are disbursed, the administration will carefully review the financial records to determine the best course of action for addressing the remaining unpaid months.

Governor Hyacinth Alia had made a public announcement during a state broadcast on Democracy Day, assuring civil servants that salary payments would commence from June 25. The recent payment for the month of May is a step forward in fulfilling this promise and alleviating the financial strain faced by the state's workers.

The timely payment of salaries will undoubtedly bring relief to the civil servants who have endured months of financial hardship. It also reflects the government's commitment to prioritizing the welfare of its workforce and ensuring their well-being.

As the Benue state government continues its efforts to address salary arrears and improve the financial situation, civil servants can look forward to a more stable and secure work environment. The payment of overdue salaries is a significant milestone that demonstrates the government's dedication to fulfilling its obligations to its employees and fostering a conducive working environment in the state.

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