By Jeffrey Omoh

In the build-up to the 2024 gubernatorial election, one name that has been generating a significant buzz in Edo State is Clem Agba. Known for his endearing personality, Agba brings into consideration a plethora of advantages that make him a promising candidate for the governorship position. Let's delve into some of the key factors that work in his favour.

Foremost is the endearing personality factor, which cannot be overemphasized. Agba has a charismatic and friendly deportment that resonates with people from different walks of life. This quality allows him to connect with citizens on a personal level, paving the way for effective communication and understanding of their needs and aspirations. With Agba as governor, Edo State has a leader who genuinely cares about the welfare of its people.

Moreover, the ethnic and demographic factor plays a significant role in Agba's favour. An Etsako man from Edo North, the same region as the highly regarded former Governor Adams Oshiomhole, Agba carries a legacy of success in governance. Oshiomhole is known for his commendable development efforts during his tenure; his development strides in the state stands only second to that of former Military administrator, Samuel Ogbemudia; and, Agba, having served as a commissioner in two different ministries under Oshiomhole, is well-versed in the strategies and initiatives that have proved effective in the state. Agba is poised on to harness this ethnic and demographic factor of excellence and achievements to produce an encore performance that will take Edo State to greater heights.

Another advantage is Agba's impeccable pedigree. His track record as a commissioner in the state and his subsequent appointment as the Federal Minister of State for Budget and National Planning under the administration of President Buhari speaks volumes about his competence and dedication to public service. Agba has consistently displayed a profound understanding of economic policies and development plans, which he will deploy in Edo State to contribute to its advancement. His experience and expertise make him a formidable candidate in terms of governance antecedents and decision-making praxis.

Furthermore, Agba's humanitarian factor sets him apart. Through his foundation, The Clem Agba Foundation (TCAF), he has been actively involved in providing support and assistance to the people of Edo State. TCAF focuses on education, enlightenment, and the testing and treatment of various strains of Hepatitis. Particularly noteworthy is its commitment to addressing the prevalence of Hepatitis B and C, which has significantly impacted the health of the population. Agba's dedication to humanitarian causes underscores his concern for the well-being of the people and solidifies his reputation as a compassionate leader.

Lastly, Agba's administrative capability factor makes him a desirable candidate for the governorship position. With his extensive network and experience, he possesses the ability to attract massive investments to Edo State. Agba understands the importance of economic growth and job creation, and his leadership would likely result in an influx of opportunities for the state's residents.


In conclusion, Clem Agba presents a promising prospect as the Governor of Edo State in 2024. His endearing personality, ethnic and demographic ties, impeccable pedigree, humanitarian endeavors, and administrative capabilities all contribute to his advantage factor. If elected, Agba has the potential to lead Edo State towards a brighter future, charting a positive trajectory and bringing about tangible development for its people.

Jeffery Omoh writes from Abuja. He is a Political Analyst and Media Communications Consultant

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